Welcome to the  reborn Federalist Party. Founded in 1786, the Federalist Party was America's original political party.  It was the party of George Washington, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton.  These were the  men who defined America as we know it today.  These were the men who fought for their country and believed in the rule of law.         

America now demands a new political party based on the principles of constitutional democracy and not a cult of personality. The Republican Party has abandoned traditional conservative values in favor of chaos and grevience. Principles of fiscal restraint, judicial equality, and world leadership are gone. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. 

A party that does not mirror the demographics of America is a party destined for self extinction. The Federalist Party is the party of diversity. Elders, young, latino, african american, women, men, all religions and faiths must join together to defend a constitional democracy that has survived for over two hunded years.